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Featured Character


Manny Garcia is a 21 years old hispanic handyman who lives in Sheetrock Hills. He is the protaganist of Disney Junior's pre-school TV series Handy Manny. Manny is always happy, kind, and friendly towards everyone in Sheetrock Hills. He offers his services as a handyman and is able to fix anything, from small repairs to big constructions, and also helps and assist anyone with their problems in Sheetrock Hills.



Handy Manny - You Break It, We Fix It01:39

Handy Manny - You Break It, We Fix It

Handy Manny opening titles in HD!00:50

Handy Manny opening titles in HD!

Handy Manny and the Seven Tools - Good As New! - Music Video - HD01:34

Handy Manny and the Seven Tools - Good As New! - Music Video - HD

Handy Manny - Viva Saturday01:09

Handy Manny - Viva Saturday

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Current Episode


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Featured Location


Sheetrock Hills is a location where most of the adventures of Manny and his Tools take place in. It is place of which Handy Manny, his tools, and his friends live in. The current Head of Town is Mayor Rosa.



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